Bring The Passion Back to The Kitchen: 370 Dishes to spice up your keto diet {Ketosis Cookbook Review}

This just makes me laugh…. I actually spent money on a cookbook.

I have never really been one to follow recipes, spend more than a few minutes preparing food or really take the time to by ingredients to make anything worth while.

Keto Diet Cookbook

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I just didn’t want to spend an hour or more making something that is going to take me 10 seconds to eat.

Besides I am a grazer so I eat often and for whatever reason I don’t mind eating relatively bland food. When I cook, I 100% wing it with the foods I have available…

And let me tell you there are only so many ways to make scrambled eggs… and so many times you can have steak and avocado….Side note: Some of the beef based recipes are out of this world!

I have been doing keto with a carb cycle for quite a while and the the keto meals I have been making were getting a little stale.

Which didn’t bother me so much but my fiancé wouldn’t eat anything I would make. Which was frustrating..

Sooo, I Bought A Cookbook..

I give you…The very first cookbook I have ever bought… The Ketosis Cookbook.

And now 1- 2 nights a week I make one meal of HER choice out of this eBook. She is not a keto-head but does appreciate food that tastes good.

We have only been doing it for a about a month but It’s been pretty nice to have some left overs and step my game up in the kitchen with out sacrificing a ton of time.

When I got this I asked her to pick a handful of dishes she would like to try.

I printed these out and hung them on the fridge to help keep me accountable to actually follow through… So far so good.

Important To Know

Just to be clear this is an eBook meaning you have to download it to your computer, smart phone or tablet. I like the fact that this is not a full on hard copy cookbook because:

  1. My job is based on a computer so I can easy find recipes and print them
  2. I can pull the recipes up on my phone so I know what to get when grocery shopping.

I was not sold totally sold on spending $37 bucks ( original price is $47) on a cookbook but I looked at it as a long term investment to expanding my horizons in the kitchen, and give me some better direction in the grocery store on what to buy to make some more desirable dishes.

*Rod Tip*

Sit on the purchase page for a minute and $10 coupon will pop up and be applied dropping the price from $47 to $37! Loved this!

So Here Was Included in the Ketosis Cookbook.

Ketosis Cook Book ReviewFirst I’ll start by mentioning that It is supposed to be the internet’s best selling keto cookbook for 2016

I don’t know they how that is measure measured but it is certainly a bold statement…

After doign some digging what helped me feel good about buying this was the fact that the meals were actually created by a certified nutritionist that specializes in the ketogenic diet…

…The other was the money back guarantee

I have been around the block a few times and with Keto.. So I have a decent knowledge base  on the topic..

…and I will say the meals definitely fit the bill for pushing you towards ketosis.

You are able to get your copy of Ketosis Cookbook here <==

Ketosis Cookbook Includes–

  • 370 Keto Approved & Easy To Follow Recipes
  • Bonus 7 day meal plan
  • And a ton of free bonuses

Ketosis Cookbook Free Bonus Material

Ketosis Cook Book Meal Plan Ketosis Cookbook Slow Cook meals

  • A Full 12 Week Meal Plan— Super helpful for beginners
  • Keto Slow Cook Meals – 30 recipes for the slow cooker
  • Keto Desserts– 40 Keto desert recipes

Keto Desserts Ketosis Cookbook Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

  • The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet —Great Info if just starting

The Ultimate Guide was written by the author Ketosis Cookbook and explains the benefits and main principles behind the Keto diet.

It is n awesome resources for anyone just getting into the ketogenic diet

What Does It Cost & Where Is The Best Place To Buy Ketosis Cookbook?

As I mentioned above it is $47 (sit on their web site for a second and $10 coupon will be applied to your order),

Remember- All information is digital and available for instant download to whatever device you chose- Smart Phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc The product is emailed to you instantly

The best place to buy the Ketosis Cookbook it through the official website.

Follow this link==> Ketosis Cookbook Official Website

Was This a Good Keto Investment?

For Me, YES!Safe MCT Keto diet

I have spent probably upwards of a $100 bucks on other keto books over the last year, many of which also have recopies as well as great information on Keto..

So probably could have saved my self some money with just this one…But I have no regrets as learning about all of this stuff is something I love.

I Was Skeptical At First, But Was Happy To See a Full Guarantee

I was worried the recipes would be cookie cutter or just things I could track down online.

I also thought the info provided might be a little watered down or inaccurate… But, surprisingly this brought some pretty solid value into my kitchen life.

Just know, if you are not finding value like I did…

Money Back Guarantee You have a full 30 days to try it our and get your money back no questions asked.. They will actually let you keep All of the material if you go this route.

I thought that was pretty admirable. Plus all purchase transactions are safe and secure…I am a stickler about that.

You can grab the Ketosis Cookbook direct from the official site here, I think you will be rather surprised

The Pros–Here Is Why I Am A Fan of Ketosis Cookbook

  • I am not a wizard in the kitchen, so you don’t have to have any crazy culinary experience to make a great tasting dish
  • Everything is easy to follow & the pictures are great –LOL
  • Each recipe was designed by an expert in the keto field
  • The bonus material is well worth it
    • 12 week meal plan, Slow Cooker ebook, Dessert eBook
  • Includes only natural whole foods good for your general health
  • If followed can help you burn fat and drop pounds
  • You can easily get refunded if it is not right for you

Ketosis Cookbook Cons

  • Well, you have to pay for it..That stinks, but not all great information can come for free
  • If you would prefer a hard copy, unfortunately that is not possible..bummer.  You can print pages like I do or some people just follow the instructions off their tablet, phone or laptop.

Final Thoughts??

Exogenous ketone review

I was thoroughly impressed.. Well as excited as you can be considering I am a guy getting jazzed up about a cookbook.. (weird I know)

There is a ton of worth while information you will learn not to mention if you get bored on diets or with food there are, so many different options to keep you satisfied.

I kind of looked at it like this .. It is a little over $7 bucks per book.. Not bad at all.

  1. The Ketosis Cookbook – Over 370 Full-Color Delectable Recipes
  2. The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet
  3. Keto Slow Cook Meals – 30 Set-and-Forget Keto Recipes
  4. Keto Desserts – 40 Low Carb – No Diet Spoiling Desserts
  5. The 12 Week Meal Plan + Shopping Lists for Each Week

I use the slow cook stuff more than any other.. It is super easy and NOT time consuming, which is most important to me

  • If you are new keto is a very practical initial investment into your keto journey
  • If you are a Keto Vet, I bet you find a few gold nuggets and spice up your meal planning

Purchase your copy and get it instantly.. No better to kick off our keto Journey than now

Testimonials Straight From Ketosis Cookbook

As a mother of 4 picky little ones, I was very worried I would have a hard time living the Keto lifestyle while still providing nutritious, tasty food for my family. I want to say, that after using your book for 2 weeks, there has only been 1 dish they haven’t liked (still working on getting them to like Spinach as much as I do). I would recommend this to any mom or dad who wants to make a positive change for themselves and their family. Thanks!”

Teri O

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for creating this book. I am just starting with the Ketogenic diet and it has made it so much easier for me, not to mention all the recipes taste so good! I was surprised at how little I actually miss grains and diary. Thanks again at making me feel like I can actually do it and succeed.”

Arni P

Commonly Asked Questions

I’m new to the Keto Diet. Is the Ketosis Cookbook right for me?

  • Absolutely! We will take you through it step by step with our easy to follow Meal Plans and Keto-friendly recipes. You can start eating Keto meals and snacks right away with our easy-to-prepare-recipes.

Why is the Ketosis Cookbook not available as a hardcover?

  • Because the Ketosis Cookbook is over 400 pages with beautiful high resolution color photos for each recipe. It would cost over $134 to make it into a hardcover! So, we decided to publish it as an easy-access eBook instead.
  • That way you will also have free access to the new editions of the cookbook as well as new freebies.

Is the Ketosis Cookbook only for people trying to lose weight?

  • Weight loss is only one of the major benefits of switching to the Ketogenic diet, it is also amazing for people with glucose problems, autoimmune disorders, and gluten sensitivity. One of the major benefits if the Ketogenic diet is also the increased energy most people experience.

What happens if the cookbook is not right for me?

  • It’s Free
  • If you read the Ketosis Cookbook and you’re not floored by all of the amazing, delicious, healthy Keto recipes it delivers just contact us and we will refund every penny, no questions asked.


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