Keto Showdown: Keto OS vs Perfect Keto Base- Ketone Supplement Comparison

There has been a lot hype surrounding ketone supplements as of late…..

…One thing I find a little bit annoying when it comes to exogenous ketones is over hyped marketing and how they can be portrayed as a miracle supplement.

Me personally, I am a big fan of supplementing with them but I also have very realistic expectations.

I think I am fairly in tune with my body so I can see and feel the positive benefits they can bring to my keto based life style from both a diet and performance stand point.

Considering these kind of supplements are brand new to the health and fitness world, there has been a ton of questions surrounding ketone supplements and what defines a good product.

If you are considering getting it to exogenous ketones I think it is super important to be informed on what you are buying..

And today you are in luck!! I am going to cover the 2 most popular ketone products on the market

  1. What their products are
  2. The ingredients in them
  3. How to get them
  4. What they cost

Pruvit’s Keto OS vs. Perfect Keto’s Keto Base

Keto OS vs Perfect Keto

Getting Started

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 types of ketone supplements

  • Ketone Salts– Ketones are bonded to a salt for rapid energy and better taste profile
    • Perfect Keto Base and Keto OS are both Ketone Salts
  • Ketone Esters– Raw ketones that provide energy but don’t taste very good
  • Ketone Oils– Medium Chain Triglyceride that help produce ketones naturally
  • Pretenders– Products that market towards keto based lifestyles but don’t have any impact on ketosis an example of this is Raspberry Ketones. They do nothing for ketone levels or ketosis.

If boosting ketones levels is something you are after there are a couple things to consider.

  1. Does the supplement actually contain ketones?
  2. If so how much?
  3. Can it help you achieve ketosis ?
  4. What are the ingredients?
  5. Is it safe?

If you are not in the mood to do the research yourself, don’t work Uncle Rod will take care of it.

Sit back and relax I will make this as painless a possible with my comparison of each of these 2 great ketone products.

First Things First- What Are The Product Line Offerings

Keto OS 

Pruvit’s Keto OS line has 4 different product offering/flavors. One thing I admire is that you have the ability to choose wheter or not you want caffeine. Pruvit deems the caffinated products as “Charged” So pay attention to the label if going with Keto OS.

  • 3.0 Chocolate Swirl
  • 2.1 Orange Dream
  • Max Maui Punch
  • Max Swiss Cacao

Perfect Keto Base 

Perfect Keto Base has 2 different product offering, the only difference between them are their taste profiles

  • Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Peaches and Cream

(Read Full Keto Base Review Here)

Ingredients: The Secret Sause

Keto OS Ingredients

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).
  • Carbohydrates 3-5 grams
  • Caffeine (in some of the products
  • Inulin
  • Xanthan gum
  • Erythritol (Alcohol Sugar)

Rod’s Take

  • The BHB content in Keto OS is a proprietary blend and usually represented by this symbol “ on the label. This means they don’t actually tell you much BHB is is a single serving. This is not a huge deal to everyone but if they are not telling me exactly how much of any ingredient is in one serving, this is generally a red flag for me specifically.
  • Carbs Depending on the specific Keto OS product, the carb counts ranges from 3-5 grams. If you are on the keto diet and you are watching your net carb intake this may be worth considering. The thing to note is that some of the carbs do come from sugar alcohols and are not necessarily carbs that will impact your ketosis streak but depending to your sensitivity to these thing may cause an upset belly… most likely you will be completely fine
  • Caffeine I love the fact that each product is offered with and without caffeine. Honestly caffeine is a great thing whether you are headed to the gym or starting your Monday morning work grind. Just make sure you are not confusing the stimulation you get from caffeine with the actual energy sources delivered by the ketone it self.. I have made this mistake before myself.
  • Fillers- 
    • Inulin is a common food additive. it’s a starchy filler substance found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs,  If you’ve eaten anything that comes in a box, is in a bar form you have probably had your fair share of Inulin.
    • Xanthan gum Is a common food additive, that is used as thickening agent, as well as a stabilizer to prevent ingredients from separating

Perfect Keto Base Ingredients

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Stevia leaf
  • Vitamin C
  • Cocoa

Rod’s Take

  • The BHB- Unlike Keto OS, Perfect Keto specifies the exact amount of BHB per serving and per container. Perfet Keto give you 11.3 grams of HGH in each serving and the tun has 211 grams total.  I always look for proprietary blends, and it does not matter what kind of supplement product i buy, I typically stay away from a proprietary blend.. Some companies try to not disclose their “formula” and that may be completely true in some cases but i would prefer to know what exactly i am putting gin my body
  • Magnesium- If you have followed me for any amount of time you know that I am a NUT about magnesium and how essential it is for your everyday life. Keto or not keto it is a must. Magnesium is a very important electrolyte that most of us are lacking, the fact that a good dose is included in Keto Base is an awesome perk.
  • Potassium- is another electrolyte that is critical in your everyday life, and most of us fall way short of what our body need from potassium, If you are cramping chances are you need magnesium, potassium and a little sodium.
  • Stevia Leaf– This is the sweetener used in Keto base. I LOVE THIS. Most all sport or health supplements on the market are sweetened with sucrose or some sort of other artificial sweetener. I have searched far and wide for products that are stevia sweetened (not just keto based products either). It is hard to do trust me
  • Cocoa Vitamin C – Both just add value. Cocoas bring a nice balance of fiber, minerals and flavonoids that all have a key roll in the body.. And I think every one know that  one can never have enough vitamin c. especially on the keto diet.

Over all I am thoroughly impressed with how clean this product is.. hence why i use it…

Comparing Perfect Keto and Keto//OS

Ketone Buying Process

Keto OS

Keto OS uses a Multi Level Marketing which can be a turn off to some. Basically in order to buy the product you have to be referred to the product by someone and enter in their code before checking out.. You can still find it on amazon but if you are not savvy in the internet word it could get kind of annoying.

keto OS Ketone supplement


Perfect Keto

With Perfect Keto you buy it off line just like you would any other retail product, no hoops to jump though.

Access to Perfect Keto’s Website here

Showcase Show Down: Pricing

Keto OS

  • Keto OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl: $85 for 15 servings
  • Keto OS 2.1 Orange Dream: $85 for 15 servings
    • Keto OS Chocolate Swirl and Orange Dream price per serving: $5.67
  • Keto OS Max: $130 for 20 servings
  • Keto OS Max price per serving: $6.50

Perfect Keto

  • Keto Base Chocolate Sea Salt: $59 for 15 servings
  • Keto Base Peaches and Cream: $59 for 15 servings
    • Price per serving: $3.93

Ketone Closing

So there you have it. I hope this shed some light on these 2 products. The 2 main things I would recommend are

  1. Do your research, regardless of the “health” product you are considering buying
  2. Try not to get caught up in the marketing, supplements companies do a hell of a job sucking us in.

Yes there are a TON of benefits you can get with supplementing ketones and I say this based on my own experience..

But don’t assume you can instantly get in and with hold ketosis just by using these kind of supplements, you need a pretty strict diet and meal plan.

If that is something you are lacking you may not want to invest your chase until you are a little more serious. If getting started is something you need help with check out my Beginners Article Here or considering grabbing the Ketosis Cooking Guide & Plan here.


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