Keto-Enthusiast: 5 Amazing Health Benefits of MCTs…

That you might not know about!!

MCTs also know as medium-chain triglycerides are a form of saturated fatty acid that have proven to show a wide range health benefits, 5 of which we are going to touch on today.

One of the most popular sources of MCTs are Coconut Oil. The thing to know here is that coconut oil it self is not a true MCT only a source of MCTs.

Roughly 60 percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs and the majority of that is lauric acid.

MCT coconut oil benefit

The sad but true fact is that healthy fats like MCTs are just not included in the standard western diet.

In my opinion that is because of the paradigm claiming saturated fats are unhealthy.. However new studies are popping up disproving all the nutritional “facts” we once thought to be true.

MCTs can found in foods like coconut oil, grass-fed beef, butter, full fat yogurt, whole fat milk and palm oil are show to be much easier to digest than long-chain fatty chains and even have a correlation of health benefits related to the heart, obesity prevention and brain function.

1.Weight Loss & Weight Management

MCT Weight Loss

When comparing MCTs to other types of fats they have been shown to have a positive impact on fat burning and over all weight loss- Research has shown that MCTs:

  • Suppress the appetite in people who struggle with strong cravings and over eating
  • Raise the metabolic rate in which the body functions.
  • Suppress fat deposition through thermogenesis
  • Oxidizes fat cells

MCTs are also the only fat shown to help the body produce ketones, this gives you a similar effect to being on a ketogenic diet minus the carb cutting.

This has crowned the MCT as being the ultimate ketogenic fat. This because of the of the body’s ability to quickly use MCTs for an energy & thus creating a heating/thermogenic which can physically alter you metabolic state

2.Lowers Blood Sugar

As mentioned above MCTs naturally raise ketones levels…

After consuming MCTs, your ketones levels increase and your blood sugar levels actually decrease. It is important to know because as your blood sugar levels stabilize it directly reduces inflammation in your body as well as improves brain function…

This is caused specifically by a decrease in glucose output by the liver.

Even if you are not on a ketogenic diet this is great to supplement with, as it improves carbohydrate tolerance and stops further production of fatty acids in fat tissue

3. Helps Nutrient Absorption

MCT benefits

If you are not consuming enough healthy fats like MCTs, your body is not able to fully utilize all of the different nutrients you are putting in it.

So even if you are making the effort to eat whole and plant based foods many of the nutrients contained in those foods wont necessarily be absorbed by your body. These are defined as fat-soluble nutrients

Nutrients like this include:

  • Beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A found in berries & leafy greens,
  • Lutein
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium- (My favorite supplement of all time)
  • Phosphorus

4. Protects Against Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal Intruders

MCTs are pretty potent natural antibiotics, they have the keen ability to balance bacteria in the gut. This is actually quite important in today’s world with antibiotics being less effective than ever.

 Medium-Chain Triglycerides have been show to kill

  • streptococcus-can cause strep throat and pneumonia
  • straphylococcus– leads to urinary tract infections & food poisoning
  • neisseria can cause meningitis stomach viruses, candida, and even ulcers

What I think is most important to know here is that while it does help minimize the effect some of the bad bacteria it DOES NOT harm the good bacteria. This is key, as we need good bacteria for digestive functions and Intestinal health.

It is also worth knowing medium-chain fats can help kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses and strains too. These type of viruses can cause digestive issues, like constipation, diarrhea, & stomachache

5. Improves Energy Levels and Elevates Mood

Health benefits of MCTsMCTs are thought to be one of the most easily digested, utilized and protective fatty acids available today. Not only do they feed your brain, but also improves your gut health.

Your brain is primarily made up of fatty acids & considering the fact that MCTs supply fuel to your brain and also help absorb vitamins and minerals, there is a direct correlation to mental clarity, feeling more energetic and having an elevated mood.

This is part of the reason why the ketogenic diet is so popular.

Studies are showing the importance of a healthy gut as there is a direct correlation to cognitive function because of the newly discovered gut-brain connection.

Getting an abundance of these over the course of your life time will actually help keep your cognitive function sharp as you get into later stages of life.

With all natural and homeopathic remedies becoming more sought after, having a method such as this to protect & kill evasive and harmful bacteria is pretty unbelievable.


Many People (myself included) believe in taking MCT oils almost daily. Generally they are super easy to take and not too taxing on the pocket book.

I used to take it by the table spoon but now I generally mix it water, coffee or some kind of shake.

MCT oils and powders have no taste or smell, so this is an option if you’re really looking to increase your intake quickly.

If you are curious to learning more on my thoughts of MCTs I have a full review of a product i use on a regular basis

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