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Perfect Keto Base ReviewWhoa! Hey, welcome to my Keto Life Essentials Blog.

I have been on this keto adventure for quite some time now and I really just want to share some of the knowledge and experiences I’ve had with keto, training and supplementation.

I know I am riding the ketogenic bandwagon pretty hard right now but I have found it to be the most effective long term nutritional solution for losing body fat and keeping it off. To be honest, I really don’t consider the the ketogenic diet a “diet” at all.

After having continued success living this fat adapted lifestyle I decided to put together this site to share my successes and act as a resource to help get others the same results and reach their ketogenic goals.

I have always been into health and fitness but at the same time always struggled to find a sustainable long term diet solution that was not taxing on my body, messed with energy levels and kept me looking great all year round.

I will admit, buying into the fact that 70% of your caloric intake is FAT was very big challenge for me….Literally took me close to 2 years to commit to trying this. Now that I have I have mastered the in’s and outs of reaching ketosis, I don’t think i will ever look back.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your keto experience, become fat adapted and reap the real benefits of Ketosis, take a look at a few of my most recent posts

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